Daniele Fregnan

Since October 2010 I have returned to Benetton, as Global logistics VP.
With my team, I started a huge change of the organization, of the procedures and the delivery flow of many of our areas (eg using Vladivostock as POE to deliver Asian production to Russia D2D).
Main results achieved during this period:
a)proactive team; b)from local to global logistics management; c) significant global cost reduction in transportation, distribution and warehousing; d) “service retailization” (incl.stores replenishment).
Since July 2012 I’ve been then entitled of the new position of Global Logistics and Information Technologies VP. The decision was made in order to get IT department much closer to the business.
Main results achieved so far:
a)re-organization of the management, getting the Business Area managers reporting to the CIO, who's part of the board; from local to global IT management;
b)instituting informal and recurrent meetings to create sharing and general awareness of business needs;
c)“killing” self reference; stretching a client/user oriented culture; increasing IT pragmatism;
d)Moving toward SAAS practices; implementing disaster recovery project; revising Business Intelligence (enterprise); revising sourcing strategy;
e)Starting a global sellout data management, finally aimed to connect more than 6.000 stores in 100+ countries